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Our Vision
     Family Healing Center encompasses continued growth as a center of excellence and recognition through being a leader in mental and behavioral health services.  Our pledge is our mutual:

  • Understanding of and sensitivity to our patients and their families
  • Appreciation for the practical integrated application of the most current practices of psychotherapy, psycho-dynamic clinical care, and psycho-education
  • Engagement and respect towards the individuals, families, and organizations working together to benefit of our patients
  • Steadfast commitment to advocating, promoting, and improving the well-being of our community

     We seek to combine holistic, cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic methods. 
Counseling services are provided by NJS licensed and highly trained professional therapists.  Their areas of expertise cover evaluation, assessments, and counseling. Recommended therapies assist with mental, emotional and behavioral issues.  


Alcohol Abuse
Anger Management
Antisocial Personality
Behavioral Issues
Bipolar Disorder
Chronic Impulsivity
Eating Disorders
Emotional Disturbance
Family Conflict
Grie f
​Narcissistic Personality

Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
Oppositional Defiance
Peer Relationships
Self Esteem
Sexual Abuse
Sexual & Internet Addictions
Sleep or Insomnia
  1. Individual Therapy
    Individual Therapy
    Individual therapy is helpful if feeling depressed or anxious. Negative thoughts can cloud perspective and become overwhelmingly stressful. We help you address feelings and work on core issues.
  2. Group Therapy
    Group Therapy
    We offer extensive group programs to meet the needs of clients. It is often reassuring to hear peers they one can relate to. There is also a special form of comfort through supporting each other.
  3. Therapy for Teens
    Therapy for Teens
    Middle and High school can be difficult. Academic and social pressure are present. It may be hard to figure out where you fit in; therapy is a wonderful chance to explore yourself.
  4. Therapy for Kids... and the Parents that Love Them
    Therapy for Kids... and the Parents that Love Them
    Kids have difficulties, just like adults do. Sometimes they are unable to express themselves. Therapy can help them gain control of their emotions and their lives.
  5. Family Therapy
    Family Therapy
    Family therapy can be helpful when relationships feel frayed through arguments and conflicts. The goal is to begin understanding, respecting and appreciating one another.
  6. Couples Therapy
    Couples Therapy
    Couples therapy, helps couples (married or not) understand and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship. Clients often find they communicate better and address difficulties in healthy ways.
  7. Parents Counseling
    Parents Counseling
    One of the biggest challenges and joys in life is raising children. Parents can have different views from each other on how to raise children, due to a variety of reasons.
  8. Addiction Therapy
    Addiction Therapy
    The first step is for the individual to admit their substance dependency. Next is getting help. Treatment(s) will vary depending on the patient and on the type of addiction they have.
  9. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    NLP is a multi-dimensional process that develops behavioral competence and flexibility. This counseling delves into the mental and cognitive processes behind behavior
  10. Dialectical Behavior Therapy
    Dialectical Behavior Therapy
    DBT is a cognitive behavioral treatment that is currently considered the gold standard of psychological assistance.
  11. Life Coaching
    Life Coaching
    This synergistic relationship that has allowed many of today’s most successful leaders, , executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level.
Meet The Team

   Our mission at Family Healing Center is to provide families with the highest quality
of care.  We accomplish this through compassionate individual therapy, supportive
         group counseling, and mental health education.

Deborah Lipscomb
​​Deborah's professional career spans over 30 years. She has been a team leader and client advocate with dual diagnosis individuals in state institutions. Being a family consultant and working with the NJ Office of Education enabled her to become a social worker in public schools She implemented programs aimed towards at risk youth. Deborah has worked with juvenile sex offenders and students receiving special education services in alternative education shools. She also has clinical experience involving couples and traumatic loss.

She supports a nurturing enviornment, specializing in: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client Centered, Solution Focused, Mindfulness Based Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, Crisis Intervention, and Psychological First Aid.
Leo Siffhet
   MA, LAC
Leo has worked throughout the tristate area as a counselor since 1989. After working as a life-coach and spiritual/religious counselor, he attained a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He has worked extensively in the criminal justice system with adults and troubled youth., Leo has also been a substance abuse counselor in Dover and East Orange.

Jenifer Wilcher
Your emotional wellbeing is Jenifer's priority when walking into her office. She collaborates with you to create your best self. She works with you to live your best life through safety, comfort, and support. Her aim is to help you find balance so that you can can reach a place of peace instead of being in pieces.

Jenifer is a relationship specialist and has expertise with many other areas. In therapy with her, you wi'll do more than talking and I will do more than listening. You will be given genuine advice and practical change-based strategies.

Tiffany Walker
Tiffany finds that sometimes life can get hard and even opportunities can be overwhelming. She provides a safe space to explore feelings, process relationships, and empowers you to make decisions that vibrantly reflect your values. With her support and your strengths, a journey towards healing and peace can begin.

She engages clients by utilizing mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, family centered and strength based approaches. This enables adolescents, young adults, and families to explore emotions, relationship patterns, and trauma.

Tiffany is passionately committed to promoting mental health literacy for those who identify with vulnerable and marginalized populations. She creates an enviornment for clients to be vulnerable in expressing their authentic selves and to take the first step towards healing.

Elise Nerenberg
Elise knows that it is difficult working up the courage to begin therapy. You deserve a warm and accepting atmosphere. I provide that safe space where you can be seen and heard. She has spent over twenty years as a therapist working with people of all different backgrounds. She has firsthand knowledge of Orthodox Judaism.

Some of her clients appear successful in their professional lives; however, there may be underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, and  panic disorders. Others have relationships issues or stress brought on by jobs. Children may suffer with ADHD, leading to academic or behavioral issues. Her goal is to reduce stress and facilitate empowerment. 

Elise is experienced in a variety of approaches: cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, and the psychodynamic model. She believes in teaching better coping and communication skills. She does so through sessions and homework. She wants you to lead a happy, more purposeful life.
Alicia Luckachko
​​Alicia is dedicated to the health, wellbeing, and positive growth of clients. As a therapist, her goal is to achieve self understanding through the strengths gained from overcoming challenges. She wants to help you reach your personal goals.

Alicia tailors interventions to meet individual needs by drawing from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic approaches, family systems models, mindfulness, and meditation.

Alicia has worked with children, adolescents, and adults from a diverse range of backgrounds. She strives to create an environment in which every person feels welcomed and accepted.

Andrea Stefens
   MA, RDT, LCAT, Creative         Arts Therapist
Andrea is a creative arts therapist with a focus in drama therapy. She has a master’s degree from the NYU Drama Therapy program and has earned her Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) certification from the North American Drama Therapy Association.

Through her work, she has recieved the trust of many populations: children, teens, families, women in domestic violence shelters, the homeless, the acutely mentally ill, adults with traumatic brain injuries, people with chemical addictions, women who have experienced traumatic pregnancies, and Holocaust survivors.

Helping people access their natural strengths and work through their struggles in a way which is both engaging and non-judgmental is her passion. She utilizes an eclectic blend of psychotherapy, drama therapy, music, poetry, songwriting, sand, and art.

Andrea wants you to know that working with a creative arts therapist has no artistic requirements. You just need the desire to explore your life.
Jeanette Morales
   Office Manager
Jeanette has a warm personality, being the first person a client interacts with upon entering the facility, She is dedicated to service as well as compassion.
Bijay Minhas
   LCSW, MSW, CDP, DIP, PR,         NLP Life Coach
Bijay is a Licensed Masters Social Worker who has successfully delivered 'hands on services to clients from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds for three decades. Bijay has an impressive track record of helping her clients create and sustain positive change in their lives. Bijay has successfully and consistently delivered results in her 1-2-1, family / couple and group work. Bijay works with anxiety and stress related issues, self-harm, low self-esteem, and eating disorders

Bijay's practice is influenced by a range of therapeutic interventions including NLP, CBT, ACT, and DBT [Certification in Practice Based Intensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy]

Particular interests lie in working with under-represented communities, women's empowerment, teen identity issues, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, social anxiety. Bijay is a strong advocate of skills based social and emotional intelligence in teens.

Her I Am... Woman's Personal Development Program has been recieved with 'excellent' reviews. She is a member of DBTNCAA [DBT].

Bijay is a Diversity Professional, NLP Coach practitioner, and a workshop facilitator who provides cutting-edge training in diversity, inclusion, intercultural competence, and implicit bias. As an established authority on cross-cultural communication, she has written several cultural competence guides. Bijay speaks fluent Punjabi and Hindi. She enjoys practing yoga and mindfulness. 
Malik Carey, MS
   Chief Executive Officer
Malik Carey, C.E.O. of Family Healing Center, brings his earnest passion for wellness and commitment into offering the highest quality of professional health care to families in need. His mission is simple: to assist families in fostering the maintainence of mental and emotional health through a variety of counseling methods. That is the foundation upon which Family Healing Center has been established. 

Malik holds a BA in Religious Studies from Seton Hall University and a MS in Organizational Leadership from Nyack College. He currently serves as C.O.O. of The K.I.N.G. Movement, a National Men’s Ministry. Malik was a past leader of The Overcomer’s Program, a 12-Step Christian-Based Empowerment group instilled with promoting and maintaining disengagement from substance abuse and other maladaptive addictions.

Malik’s volunteer efforts are deeply rooted in New Jersey’s West Orange community where he is a highly respected mentor for young adults. Bethany Church, The Bethany Center of Champions and Daytop Treatment Facility are just a few of the faith-based organizations to which he graciously lends his time and efforts.

Jay Jones
   Chief Operating Officer
Jay brings over 20 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry. During his tenure in that industry he used his entrepreneurial minded leadership to successfully execute and drive sales and services while creating a winning culture.

Jay holds a BS in finance from Montclair State University and is currently a Steering Committee Member of the KING Movement, a national men's organization. He also serves as a commander of the Royal Rangers, a national church ministry for boys and young men in grades K-12.

While serving in the banking industry, he was a key planner of an expansion venture into NYC for Wachovia National. Bank. He successfully opened and led twelve financial centers for what is now Wells Fargo. He oversaw 200 employees, a $500MM loan portfolio and $1.2B deposit base. He created a "best in class" sales and service enviornment.

Jay is leveraging his effective communication style and business leadership to help create and implement a client focused business at Family Healing Center. 
Nik Prithviraj
   ​Digital Content Manager
Nik is currently working towards a degree in Social Work. He spends his time volunteering at the Market Street Mission, GRACE Food Pantry, Mrs. Wilson's House, and Overlook Medical Center. 

Nik runs the Social Media and Website for Family Healing Center as an intern. He is a passionate and driven individual, striving to help others.
  1. Title 8
  2. Title 9
  3. Title 10
  4. Title 15
  5. Title 16
  6. Title 17
  7. Title 19
  1. Great news! We offer Life Coaching workshops!
    Great news! We offer Life Coaching workshops!
    Call us and sign up, seats are filling quickly! 973.251.2874
  1. It's Not About The Nail!
    What is the real issue?
  2. Bad Anon
    We are different than our labels
  3. Austin Powers Support Group
    Dr. Evil and his son trying to have their voices heard
  4. She is a Princess
    Identifying instead of comparing
  5. Did you get the memo?
    Communication difficulties
  6. 1-800-273-8255
    Logic's suicide prevention song
  7. Anger Management
    Miscommunication and anger
  8. Managing Stress
    Tips on coping
  9. Otherside
    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis rap about recovering from addiction
  10. Perfect To Me
    Anne-Marie sings how perfection is not real
  11. Break the Stigma
    Presented by Children's Hospital, Colorado.
The following are just some of the positive things that our clients are saying about us. We are pleased to find that Family Healing Center is succeeding in healing and being beneficial to many.
Going the Extra Mile! 
My children and I were in a terrifying accident that left significant physical and emotional scars. The staff at Family Healing Center has been integral in our healing and well-being. I am healing and my children are thriving thanks to the attentive and judicious care of our counselors.

In addition to individual therapy, we attend family sessions which have greatly strengthened our family bond and facilitated the healing process. But the clinicians are not the only ones who have enhanced our experience; every staff member is courteous, efficient, and professional at all times. They always make me feel like my family is their top priority. All concerns are consistently given the time and attention they need. I truly believe that my family is receiving the best care available thanks to the Family Healing Center!

Client M (33)
Integral to Our Healing.

I have a 15-year-old son who was under a program called Perform Care for his treatment of depression, however his treatment was ineffective and his situation was getting worse.  Perform Care recommended we reach out to Family Healing Center for family counseling.  In February of 2017 we began treatment at their center and from the beginning their staff treated us like family.  My son’s progress has been great to the point where he is smiling every day.  They are real professional and care about their clients.  I would recommend Family Healing Center to anyone that needs such serves.

Client G (47) Son (15) 

Quality Care
I started therapy with Family Healing Center as the result of losing my mother to Crohn’s disease and a subdural hematoma. I felt lost, despondent and unsure of how to function from day to day. Additionally, I was carrying quite a bit of unresolved baggage from my childhood that ultimately affected my ability to find happiness, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately grow as an adult. The most profound part of my issues was my complete unawaress of the impact on all areas of my life. That lack of awareness had rendered me unable to isolate my issues or find happiness; over time I became unknowingly unhinged. My therapy sessions helped me isolate various components of what was ailing me, one issue at a time. The process invariably moved my healing process forward. The staff and therapists at Family Healing Center have always been extremely professional, compassionate, resourceful and helpful in the facilitation of my healing process. My therapist has always gone the extra mile for me, in turn helping me learn  to care for myself in a healthier manner. My therapist feels more like an honesty-broker and confidential friend rolled into a life coach. I appreciate the guidance on personal maintenance activities, particularly invaluable during times when I am alone or uncertain.

The therapeutic milieu of the Family Healing Center involves a combination of holistic, practical, traditional and creative therapeutic approaches specializing in specific healing activities for each individual and family. I have been a patient at the Family Healing Center for nearly two years.  I would highly recommend the Family Healing Center to persons of all age groups, gender, ethnicities and cultures.  My experience with the Family Healing Center has been transformational to my life.

​Client A (53)
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​Sunday by Appointment
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